Belarus National Technical University

Minsk State Technological College is a special secondary educational establishment that provides obtaining a qualification of a specialist with a special secondary education. One can find modern studies and laboratories, a hostel, the richest scientific library with a free access to Internet.

Our college students get qualifications and skills having an educational and manufacturing work-study program in chief enterprises, and, besides, in training production workshops.

College graduates have the possibility to continue their studies in Belarusian National Technical University on reduced training terms.

In a process of getting knowledge, much attention is paid to a creative means. Students take an active part in concert programs, in permanent exhibitions of photo works "Sfumato". A photo journal Stopkadr is published under teachers’ supervision.

One of the main tasks of college is to provide students with a heathy food. It has its own canteen with a proper production.

Minsk State Technological College actively participates in exhibitions, contests and festivals such as:

  • "Roza vetrov", the city of Minsk;
  • "Nevskye berega", the city of St. Petersburg;
  • "Melnitsa mody", the city of Minsk;
  • "Belaya amphora", the city of Vitebsk;
  • "Modny silhouette", Minsk region etc..

The college is proud of prize winners of city, republican and international contests and festivals.

We look into the future with hope and confidence and we are glad to see you among our students.

Belarus National Technical University
BNTU branch
"Minsk State Technological College"

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