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Specialty "Photography"

Photography nowadays is an independent area of science, technics and art. Photographers need knowledge of equipment, procedure and technology to make their image an artwork.

To the specialty “Photography” the admission is held on the basic general education.

Period of studying: 2 years 10 months

Entrance examination is an average marks contest of the educational document.

After graduating the college the qualification of Technician-technologist in Photography is given.

During the educating process our students get qualification: photographer (4-6 skill-category), computer graphics operator (6 skill-category).

Knowledge in the technical side of photography is not enough for a specialist. Laws of composition and skills to use them are equally needed. And in the contrary knowledge of equipment, procedure and technology of photographic work is necessary for creating images as artwork. It should be mentioned  as well that photography belongs to service sector and communication with people.

That is the specific feature of work in the area of photography.


It must be mentioned that photography today is used in different spheres of  human activities, that is why specialists in this field are always demanded.

They work at different enterprises. If you need an artistic portrait or a photo for documents, you will go to a photo studio. If you want to get snapshots from your film or flash-card printed, you will go to the up-to-date mini-laboratories «Kodak», «Fuji», «Konica». Specialists who work there will help you. If you are in need of advertisement photos,  specialists in ad agency will help you as well.  A number of  well-known cameramen began their creative careers particularly with photography. Specialists of «Photography» profession can be met at various enterprises, in laboratories affiliated with plants, factories, archives, museums etc.


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