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Specialty "Hairdressing art and decorative cosmetics"

The specialist of this qualification must be able to create drafts, sketches of hairstyles and haircuts models,  change appearance by hairstyle; create an artistic image using the basic concepts and laws of style; to create a collection of hairstyles on categories: fantasy, stylized, competitive, etc.

While studying students get such professions as a hairdresser, a make-up artist, a nail designer and qualified as “Modeling artist”.

To the specialty “Hairdressing and decorative cosmetics” the admission to the day-time department is held on the basic general education.

Period of studying: 2 years and 10 months.

Entrance examination is GPA of the educational document and the exam in drawing.

 After graduating college the qualification of Hairdressing Modeling Artist is given.

During the educational process students study following subjects: Drawing and Painting, Basics of plastic anatomy and Sanitation, Basics of pharmacology, Skin diseases, Hairdressing supplies, Technology of hairdressing, Hairdressers equipment and appliances, History of art and hairstyles, Modelling and decoration of the hair, the Postiguet, Decorative cosmetics and make-up, Basics of stylistics, Management principles of, Marketing principles of, Psychology and ethics of business relations, Economics of enterprise etc.

Curriculum includes educational practice in the history of art and hairstyles, in  the basic operations of the technological process, in hairstyles modeling, practical training for receiving a working profession, manufacturing technological training and Pre-diploma training.

Students of this specialty participate in contests of hairdressing art of different levels including the Republic of Belarus Championship in hairdressing art and International Championships in hairdressing art, where they take first places.


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