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Specialty “Information Technology Software”

In the  academic year of 2018 BNTU Branch “Minsk state technological college”  begins admission of  students to get a profession in the specialty 2-40 01 01 “Information Technology Software”, Specialisation: Computer Graphics.

Technician-programmer has to be capable to fulfill next professional obligations:

  • designing and implementation of software for solving production and technological problems, taking into account the resources of the computer system;
  • debugging and testing of both individual modules and the entire software;
  • modificating of individual software components;
  • improving the quality and reliability of the developed software;
  • ensuring the necessary protection level of computer information;
  • performing the technological process operations of information processing;
  • documentation developing and executing for the created software;
  • participating in the subdivision’s (unit) planning of the activity;
  • searching and processing of information using modern computer technologies;
  • installation, configuration and maintenance of computer systems software;
  • operation of computer systems;
  • preparation and execution of business documents;
  • implementation in the process of operation of computer equipment OS RB 2-40 01 01-2014 VIII requirements for labor protection, fire safety;
  • ensuring compliance with energy saving and ergonomics requirements;
  • providing consulting support in operation of computer systems.

The admission is held on the basic general education. Entrance examination is an average marks contest of the educational document.

Period of studying: 3 years 7 months.

After graduating the college the qualification of Technician-programmer  is given.

Education is on a fee basis.

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During the training period graduates study the following disciplines:

Web design (Profound studying of the  sites layout. HTML and CSS technologies);

Software for graphic information processing (Profound  studying of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW graphic packages, creation of flash-animation);

Software for processing three-dimensional graphics (Studying the ways to build three-dimensional models in Autodesk 3ds Max);

Web-design (Sites graphic design methods are studied).

As a result of studying the academic subjects of  a  “Computer graphics” specialization, you’ll be able to fulfill the following tasks yourselves:  create illustrations, design calendars, banners, business cards, letterheads, etc., as well as competently conduct pre-printing preparation of layouts.

Having studied the academic subjects, you’ll be able to work as a graphic designer, an illustrator, a web-designer, a web site optimizer, a Flash-animator and others.

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