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Specialty "Technology and construction of sewing items"(Correspondent form)

During the educational period students  study such subjects as History of styles in art and costumes, Material science in garment industry, Materials for clothing, Clothes designing and  art decoration, Drawing  and graphic art, Clothes designing, System of automatization clothes designing project (SADP) in the area, Clothes designing technology, Standardization and product quality, Garment industry equipment, Business economics, Basic management, Basic marketing, Psychology and business communication ethics, IT and etc.

To the specialty “Construction and technology of sewing items (production activity)” (specialization “Sewing items technology”) the admission to the correspondence department is held on basis of  general or vocational training education.

Period of studying: 2 years 6 months.

Entrance examination is GPA of the educational document.

After graduating college the qualification of Technician-technologist  is given.


In BNTU branch “MSTC” there are all terms for teaching the specialists who are able to manage manual and computer methods of art designing and manufacturing of sewing items.

The great attention is paid to studying System of automatization clothes designing project (SADP). Our students have the opportunity to get professional skills and apply informational technologies while making course paper and Diploma paper .  And after graduating college it helps our students to get a prestigious job.


Each our student makes sewing items on there’s   own during the educational training at our training workshops which is equipped with modern industrial sewing machines.


Different kinds of clothes, technological process of garment industries, experimental and innovation activity are made during the graduation diploma project.


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