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The history of BNTU branch "Minsk State Technological College" dates back to August 17, 1953 when Minsk Technical Technological School was founded on the  basis of USSR Ministry Council's disposition.

In  the year of 1999 a technical technological school changed into the Educational Establishment "Minsk State Technological College" and was defined as a main college in the sphere of light industry and  consumer services.

For the college time-being more than 26000 specialists have been prepared for the light industry and consumer services' enterprises of the Republic of Belarus and abroad.

College has become an innovative and experimental platform in "Technology and construction of sewing items (in areas)" specialty since 2010-2014. The results of the experiment were involved into an educational process. In accordance with the order of Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus № 83 February 5, 2014 Educational Establishment "Minsk State Technological College" joined BNTU as a branch.

Nowadays there are more than one thousand students getting a day-time and correspondence forms of education.

The training   conducted on the basis of General Based and General Secondary Education can be free of charge or fee-paying. There are 5 specialties:

  • Machines and appliances of light and textile industry and consumer services;
  • Technology and construction of sewing items (in areas);
  • Hairdressing art and decorative cosmetics (in areas);
  • Photography;
  • Accountancy, analysis and controlling.

The educational process is provided by 77 teachers and training officers: 61% are of a high category and 20 % are of the first one; 8 teachers were awarded a breastplate " Education Honor's'" by Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, 3 teachers got "Consumer Services' Honor's" award by Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Belarus. More than 20 teachers are college graduates.

Thanks to a high professionalism of teachers, their research methods and innovations the educational process is constantly improved. Scientific-methodical work of the branch is based on up-to-date scientific achievement, an advanced pedagogical experience and promotive pedagogical skills.

The branch provides all the terms for successful studies and a creative work. There are 44 well-equipped studies, laboratories and educational training workshops, a library and a reading hall, a gym, a canteen and a hostel.

Supervised by the experienced teachers students actively participate in international championships devoted to hairdressing art and nail design "Nevskye berega" in St.Petersburgh, Open Championship in hairdressing art, make-up and nail aesthetics in Kiev, republican championships "Belye rosy", "Minsky vernisazh" etc. A design studio "Teatr mody" has been working for many years. Young fashion designers make the collections of items of clothing and have the possibility to take part in clothes designing contests: "Belaya Amphora", "Model' Goda", "Melnitsa mody", "Modny silhouette". They annually go to Moscow to participate in "Assambleya mody", MOSCOW FASHION LOOK- Gorod, Moda, Obraz, getting the first prizes.

Specialty "Photography" is becoming more and more popular. A permanent photo gallery Sfumato is created, a photo journal Stopkadr is published, and students are the authors of articles, editorials and photojournalists. Photo works of teachers and students are represented in various contests and exhibitions.

Twelve students were awarded prizes by a Special Fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus in social support of the gifted students for their greatest achievements in professional skills' competitions.

Graduates' practical skills, high knowledge level, professional mobility and a successful adaptation on a labor market, a possibility to continue their studies in BNTU on reduced training terms are the key indicators of highly-qualified specialists of the branch.

Now a pedagogical stuff is determined to present their activities on a high level of modern requirements to a preparation of highly-qualified and competitive specialists.

Nikolai  Nikolaevich Tsyrelchuk

The Director of BNTU branch "Minsk State Technological College"


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